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  • Recommended area up to 8 m2 (85 ft2)
  • Water Tank : 6 Litres
  • Off Timer
  • 4 speeds – Low / Medium / High / Sleep
  • Detachable water tank
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Powerful air flow, 245m3/hr (144 CFM)
  • Remote control


For Indoor Use
The CS072XE is a light-weight, compact air cooler, ideal for spot cooling in small to medium sized spaces such as a bedroom or kitchen area.
It has a super-low power consumption of only 55 watts* and delivers strong airflow of up to 245 m3/hr (144 CFM)*. This unit is compact, yet designed with all the convenient features of other larger air coolers, including an automatic off timer, digital control panel, full feature remote control and an ice compartment to boost the cooling effect when needed.
The detachable water tank, smooth-rolling casters and easily accessible
Honeycomb Cooling Media makes maintenance a breeze.


  • Recommended area up to 8 m2 (85 ft2)
  • Saves up to 55% on energy costs
  • Water tank filter
  • Off Timer
  • Top loading ice-compartment
  • 4 speeds – Low / Medium / High / Sleep
  • Low water alarm alerts when to refill
  • Oscillating louvers evenly distribute cool air
  • Durable casters for easy mobility


  • Air flow : 245m3/hr (144 CFM)
  • Water Tank : 6 Litres
  • Power Consumption : 55 Watts
  • Unit dimensions : 322 x 346 x 660 mm
  • Net weight : 5.8 kg



  • Air Coolers evaporate moisture to create a cooling effect.
  • Air Coolers perform best in hot, dry climates.
  • Air Coolers make a room feel 4 degrees - 6 degrees F cooler.
  • Air Coolers will increase the humidity in the area they are being used.
  • Air Coolers work best when circulating outside air throughout your home.
  • Air Coolers use less energy.
  • Air Coolers are generally quiet.
  • Air Conditioners use refrigerant to cool and take moisture from the air.
  • Air Conditioners are created to handle a wide variety of environments to cool.
  • Air Conditioners change the air temperature in a room.
  • Air Conditioners will decrease the humidity in the area they are being used.
  • Air Conditoners work by circulating cooler air to lower temperatures.
  • Air Conditioners use more energy.
  • Air Conditioners are generally louder than Air Coolers.
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