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  • Long Range by Clear Sound Technology
  • Customised Sound System
  • Large 1.8-inch Amber Backlit LCD Display with Illuminated Keypad
  • Secure Grip Handset
  • Smart Function Key (Top Key)
  • Night Mode
  • Advanced Alarm Clock
  • Power Back-up Operation*
  • One-Touch Eco Mode
  • Icon Menu Operation
  • Call Restriction
  • 100 Names & Numbers Phonebook*



Model: KX-TG6811MLB
Colour:B [Black]
Handset (Quantity):1
Frequency:1.9 GHz
Frequency Range: 1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz
Number of Channels:120 Channels
Number of Phone Lines:1.0
Multiple Handsets Capability:Up to 6 Handsets
Power Back-Up Operation: Yes
Power Back-Up Operation: * The base unit gets temporary power supply from a handset in the case of a power outage.
Night Mode:Yes
Clear Sound:Yes
Call Restriction:Yes
Low Radio Power: Yes
One Touch Eco Mode:Yes
Repeater Available:Yes
Caller ID:Yes
Caller ID Memory:50 items
Call Waiting Caller ID:Yes
Incoming Call Barring: Yes(50 numbers)
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number):120 items
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number):(16char/24digits)
Shared Phonebook:Yes
Speed Dial (Handset):Yes
Chain Dial:Yes(Handset)
LCD:1.8 inch
LCD:FullDot Monochrome
LCD:103x65 pixels
LCD Backlight Colour:White
Illuminated Keypad:Amber
Speakerphone (Volume Steps):Yes(6-step)
Icon Operation (Number of Icons):Yes(6)
Ringer Pattern: (Tone+Melody):40(10+30)
Polyphonic Ringer Melody:32 chord
Ringer Volume: Steps6+OFF
Receiver Volume Steps:4.0
Redial Memory:10(Name & Number)
Digits of Redial Number: 24.0
Ringer/ Charge Indicator (Colour):Yes(Amber)
Smart Function Key:Yes
Noise Reduction: Yes
Customized Sound System (Equalizer):Treble/Bass
Conference Call with Outside Line:Yes
Conference Call with Outside Line:3 way
Conference Call with Outside Line:* Optional handset may be required depending on the model
Call Share:Yes
Call Share:* Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
Intercom (Handset to Handset):Yes
Intercom (Handset to Handset):* Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
Any Key Answer:Yes
Alarm (Wake-up / Memo alarm):Yes/Yes
Advanced Alarm (A day of the week / Snooze):Yes/Yes
Key Lock:Yes
Short Stroke Key:Yes
Handset Locator: Yes
Optional Handset:
Optional Handset::Yes(KX-TGA681)
Rechargeable Battery:Ni-MH(AAA x 2)
Talk Time:Up to 15 hours
Standby Time:Up to 170 hours
Charge Time:About 7 hours
Power Consumption:Standby Power Consumption:0.6 W
Base Dimensions (W x D x H):107 mm × 86 mm × 77 mm
Handset Dimensions (W x D x H):48 mm × 29 mm × 164 mm
Charger Dimensions (W x D x H):70 mm × 70 mm × 39 mm
Base Weight:Approx. 98 g
Handset Weight with Battery:Approx. 129 g
Charger Weight:Approx. 39 g
Communication Categories Cordless Phone

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