About Us

About Ban Huat Group

Ban Huat Electrical Sales & Services was born since 1960. Through sweat and tears, we have successfully grown from a tiny little shop into what we are today!

We believe in providing the best service to our customers and hence, never intend to divide our focus into a few different branches. Despite staying as a single operating store, we have gained customers’ trusts and word of mouth to grow in size – literally. We started off operating with merely 5 staff members, we are now a big family of 55 (and counting) proud and outstanding members.

Through our years of experience, we really do get what customers are looking for. Hence here we are, offering our best price and also ensure outstanding service to customers.

Our shop has displays of a wide variety of electrical goods for customers to have a feel on actual products prior to purchasing them. Besides that, we also offer fast and reliable repair work if/when required and help with any warranty claims and repairs.

As the world of technology progresses, BH Computer arise to keep up with customer needs. Any questions or help required on computer products, BH Computer is here to help. Besides selling brand new computer products and software, our friendly computer experts are also here for consultation in regards to network set-ups and any repair or maintenance work required.

About banhuat.com

Banhuat.com was established in 2013. Our main objective is not only to service a new market need, but to service an age-old one - replacing your broken-down or outdated white goods and appliances quickly and without fuss.

Having a substantial experience in the retail appliance company for over 50 years, we often come across customers with white goods and appliances that have recently stopped working and need replacement ASAP. Not to mention, things tend to stop working at the most inconvenient times leaving customers in desperate need of quick and hassle-free replacements.

However, it is often very difficult to find time to actually step into a shop physically to arrange for new items to be replaced. With banhuat.com, you can shop at the comfort of your own home anytime you want and we will settle the hard bit for you – from arranging for delivery to removal of your old product!

We totally understand the importance of customer service and take pride in our excellent level of service to date – we are often known to be quick and reliable.