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  • 20-year warranty on the compressor
  • Digital Inverter Technology (DIT): Long lasting performance, uses less energy and minimizes noise
  • Deodorizer Filter: Built-in natural fiber Deodorizing Filter, eliminates strong smells
  • Easy Slide Out Shelf: Easy reach and convenient storage space
  • 3 Stars Rating


Enjoy energy savings, less noise and a 10-year warranty

Enjoy energy savings, less noise and a 10-year warranty

Unlike conventional compressors, which have just two patterns of start and stop, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor makes 5 different moving cycle based on humidity levels and usage patterns. This helps maintain a more consistent temperature, reduces wear and tear on the compressor for greater durability, and keeps noise to a minimum. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with lower electric bills and a 10-year warranty.

Optimal humidity for longer-lasting freshness

Optimal humidity for longer-lasting freshness

Fresh vegetables and fruit are good for you, but what’s good for vegetables and fruit? Samsung’s MoistFresh Zone. The smartly designed drawer provides an ideal environment for apples and zucchini alike, so they stay fresher longer. A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity levels are low, and a vent releases excess moisture when humidity levels are too high. Together with the conduction cooling system, these elements maintain the optimal humidity levels to preserve your produce.

Conveniently maximize your storage space

Conveniently maximize your storage space

Reaching into a refrigerator to grab a tub of yogurt from the back often means navigating an obstacle course of food items, like a 7-layer cake or a jar of pickles. One wrong move could mean squished icing or broken glass on the floor. The Easy Slide shelf is built on rolling hinges, and pulls out so you can efficiently organize and easily access your food items—and readily see just what you have store in the back.

Deodorizing Filter

Deodorizing Filter

Deodorizing Filter is made of Activated Carbon, eliminates bad smell, keeping the air fresh and food flavour longer.


Big Box

Big Box

Full Open Box makes it easier to organize and remove items—even bulky foods, like a 3-gallon tub of ice cream. The box extends out all the way for optimum use of space and, thanks to the drawer’s design, you can open the Full Open Box even if the refrigerator door is only open 90 degrees.


  • 234 Total Net
  • 53 Net Freezer
  • 181 Net Refrigerator
  • 270 Total Gross Capacity
  • 66 Freezer Gross Capacity
  • 203 Refrigerator Gross Capacity

Refrigerator Features

  • Shelves x 2ea (1ea Slide out)
  • Glass of Shelves
  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer: 1 ea
  • Spill-Proof Shelves x 1ea
  • Door Pocket x 4ea
  • Type of Door Pocket: Transparent
  • Egg Container available
  • Deodoriser available
  • LED Interior Light
  • 1 Chill Compartment
  • 1 MoistFresh Zone with Vegetable Box

Physical Specifications

  • 555 x 1,545 x 637mm Net (W x H x D)
  • 0,545mm Net Case Height with Hinge
  • 637mm Net Depth with Door Handle
  • 637mm Net Depth without Door Handle
  • 545mm Net Depth without Door
  • 582 x 1,610 x 683mm Gross Dimension
  • 40 Hft 97 Loading Quantity
  • 48.3kg Net Weight
  • 53.0kg Gross Weight

Freezer Features

  • Twist Ice Maker
  • Door Pocket x 2ea
  • Type of Door Pocket: : Transparent
  • Shelf x 1ea
  • 1ea Plastic Shelves

Cooling Features

  • No Frost
  • Multi Flow available

Exterior Features

  • Recess Handle
  • SA (Metal Graphite)


Capacity Below 300L
Refrigerator Freezer-On-Top

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